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Metal Free Dental Fillings in Dallas, TX

Tooth-colored dental fillings are an excellent alternative to traditional metal fillings. The results provide a minimally invasive restoration with results that look and feel like a natural tooth. Composite dental fillings are color-matched to the shade of the surrounding tooth, providing them with restorative aesthetics as well as improved function. Each of these dental fillings 75209 is smaller than a metal filling, because the fine particles are able to directly adhere to the enamel for improved results.

Glass ionomers allow tooth colored fillings to restore the teeth while also slowly releasing fluoride to strengthen the enamel. Ionomer fillings are used in areas closest to the gum lines because of their ability to reduce pressure-induced trauma.

A combination of filling materials allows porcelain dental fillings to be an option as well. Porcelain is typically used for more comprehensive restorations like crowns, inlays, onlays and cosmetic veneers. They can withstand more pressure than ionomers, but are still susceptible to excessive wear and grinding.

cosmetic-dentist-galleryStreamline West Lovers Office dentist offers some of the best dental fillings 75209 in the Dallas area. Whether you need a new dental filling or have one that needs to be replaced, our expert dentist can help you smile more confidently with stronger, healthier teeth. Schedule your consultation with our dental office today!

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