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Root Canal Therapy in Dallas, TX

If your tooth has been severely infected from a cavity or trauma, it may need root canal therapy to restore it back to its normal function. A root canal 75209 is a restoration that fills the nerve chamber of the tooth, extending through the root. They are the only treatment for preserving teeth that have been infected with an abscess.

Patient comfort is the first priority during a root canal appointment from our dental office. The area is numbed so that no discomfort is felt during the treatment. Any damaged tooth surfaces or cavities are removed and an opening is made into the nerve chamber. Infected nerve tissues are removed, the chamber is cleaned and medicated, and then a filling material is placed into the nerve canal and chamber, preventing bacteria from re-entering the area.

root canal treatment visual Most root canal treatments require only one appointment. Once the root canal 75209 has been completed, the tooth is no longer vital. However, having a crown placed over the tooth can allow the tooth to withstand normal use for several more decades. A temporary dental filling will be placed in the tooth while a permanent crown is customized.

Dallas specialists at Streamline West Lovers offer in-office root canal therapy to people in the surrounding areas. All of the treatment can be completed in our office without being referred to a separate provider. If you have been told that you need a root canal or have an abscessed tooth, call Streamline West Lovers for a no-pressure treatment quote from our dental office.

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